Robert Cole Basford, CPEng

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🔴2020-present Otso Ltd
2013-2020 Germany
1997-2013 Finland
1990-1997 ADF.Navy
1978-1990 ADF.Army

Royal Military College of Australia

Senior Technical Consultant, Otso Ltd
Sydney, Australia 10/2020 to present

Super agile, COVID-19 vaccinated, technology leader with integrity, resilient and resourceful ex-Royal Australian Navy Engineering Officer, ex-Australian Army Engineering Officer & Royal Military College of Australia Graduate #2888 in UNSW Engineering & UNSW Master of Commerce in Information Systems. I’ve had five careers across four industries in three countries over two continents. Most recently in Germany as an Information Services Program Manager for HERE Technologies (majority owned Audi, BMW, Daimler) and Nokia Corporation. ...more

Recent conferences I've attended:
1. Smart Cities (Virtual) Expo World Congress, Barcelona 11/2020
2. Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Barcelona 11/2019
3. The Economist Innovation Summit Europe, London 10/2019
Ongoing courses 2021:
1. Building Artificial Intelligence - University of Helsinki
2. Java Programming - MOOC
3. Cyber Security Management - Charles Sturt University
Recent courses I've completed: skills:
1. Python for Data Science 2020
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business 2019
3. Elements of Artificial Intelligence 2019
4. Scrum@Scale 2019 Scrum Inc.Founder: Dr.Jeff Sutherland & Robert Basford
Family initiated Intercontinental relocation. Initial planning 04.2019, completion 09.2020.
"Its not every day you relocate with your immediate family plus pet from lands under the Aurora Borealis to lands under the Aurora Australis, during a pandemic" - Robert Cole Basford, Sydney 2020

Good Character

Australian National Police Check (criminal history record check)
NSW Service Ref: WWC2271629E

Dated: 16 April 2021 valid 16 April 2026
Result: "cleared (Employee)"

Australian Federal Police - National Police Certificate
AFP Ref: 3151/5488721 Client Ref: VC0259312
Dated: 11 December 2020
Result: "no disclosable court outcomes"

Australian Federal Police - National Police Certificate
AFP Ref: 6077469PC
Dated: 09 December 2019
Result: "no disclosable court outcomes"

ork_ Ref: 060859-2653 (06.08.1959)
Dated: 31 October 2019
Result: "The Finnish Criminal Records contain no information"

Federal Office of Justice / Criminal Record (Bundesamt fur Justiz / Fuhrungszeugnis)
Ref: 241249741/284281140/18122019063157000/NB/DTV/-/-
Dated: 18 December 2019
Result: "No record"