Lieutenant Commander Robert Cole Basford
MIEAust CPEng NER RAN (Retd)

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2020-present OTSO
🔴🔴2013-2020 Germany
1997-2013 Finland
1990-1997 ADF.Navy
1978-1990 ADF.Army

Royal Military College of Australia

Nokia Corportation and HERE Technologies HERE Technologies


Defence Force Service Medal Australian Defence Medal


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Conferences attended:
29.1 Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Barcelona 11/2019
29.2 The Economist Innovation Summit Europe, London 10/2019
Courses completed: skills:
29.3 Certificate of Python for Data Science
29.4 Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business 2019
29.5 Elements of Artificial Intelligence
29.6 Scrum@Scale 2019 Scrum Inc.Founder: Dr.Jeff Sutherland & Robert Basford
29.7 Certificate of Digital Marketing

28.1 Researched EU market for potential Indoor Digital Business partners and achieved strategic agreements.
28.2 Technical Manager for Berlin Multi-Modal Routing and Dead Reckoning Test Track project for significant Urban Mobility Customer.
28.3 Successfully organized digital repositioning on Core Map of HERE Berlin buildings and surrounding city roads and tunnel geometry to five-digit accuracy to enable captured data quality analysis.
28.4 Initiated relationships with new EMEA partners and grew the Venues ecosystem and promoted a wide range of applications and solutions via the HERE Platform.
28.5 Ensured scalability of solutions by preparing their implementation and go-to-market introduction together with business teams.
28.6 Built and maintained an EMEA Partnership ecosystem for joint solution development.
28.7 Established a trusted relationship with senior executives at select partner companies and identified new opportunities for technical integrations.
28.8 Created a collaborative shared information environment that empowered team members to excel.
28.9 Led Venues solution program development and execution that met quarterly targets.
28.10 Built cross functional and virtual solution development teams together with different product and sales organizations.
28.11 Created, developed and maintained the solution roadmap and portfolio for Venues Program plan.
28.12 Leveraged network contacts (external and internal) to identify early engagement opportunities with Customers and/or partners which resulted in new business.
28.13 Screened new business development opportunities and developed new solutions by translating market requirements into solution and product requirements.
28.14 Secured delivery of solution proof of concepts and pilots in early stage business development projects with lead EMEA Customers.

27.1 Participated as company representative on Bluetooth Organisation for IoT Bluetooth Mesh technology and Bluetooth Indoor Positioning standards development.
27.2 Program Managed semi-automated process of indoor digital guidance for a multi-national Customer based on LiDAR output filtering.
27.3 Directed Smart City-Urban Mobility Program with leading EU operator of transport solutions across international markets.
27.4 Initiated replacement Bluetooth beacon installation and radio-mapping throughout HERE Berlin campus.
27.5 Supported Indoor Positioning Solutions for Bluetooth Static & Bluetooth Mesh networks.
27.6 Presented at C-level meetings Last Mile Guidance concept for Fortune 500 Customers.
27.7 Internally promoted Building Maintenance concept for Smart Application featuring space defect identification for rectification.
27.8 Researched potential acquisitions and partnerships related to last mile guidance deficiencies.
27.9 Internally presented automated Venues model building using semi-autonomous drones.
27.10 Internally presented to global talent acquisition Glassdoor concept for HR KPI metrics.
27.11 Internally presented to Legal Compliance concept for seamless exposure of corruption.
27.12 Initiated Innovative efficiency concepts such as HERE I AM and Point of Interest Semi-Automated Core Map updates.
27.13 Participated in HERE Program Management Standards Advisory Board and achieved v1.0 framework and dashboard.

26.1 Delivered presentations on Private Venues to Sales and multi-national Corporate Customers.
26.2 Facilitated deep dive workshops on HERE Mobile Software Development Kit for major Corporate Customers.
26.3 Supported Indoor Positioning Service teams by radio mapping entire HERE Berlin campus simultaneously using a purpose designed WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy multi-device support for efficient survey.
26.4 Managed Connected Mobility Lab Program for private venues multi-modal urban mobility for significant global Customers.
26.5 Delivered Private Venues, Indoor Routing, Indoor Positioning presentation to HERE Berlin Campus.
26.6 Delivered active transportation routing weather-based deficiencies including corrective suggestions.
26.7 Initiated "Where is Willy" concept and solution design to HERE Facilities Management for intra-Campus employee safety.
26.8 Initiated User Interface design change to include portrait device User Experience for efficient indoor navigation.
26.9 Presented to C-level, and internally, my "Innovation Promotion to Implementation" concept for HERE Technologies.
26.10 Promoted internally Private Last Mile Guidance (last mile guidance) Professional Services Group business case.
26.11 Promoted internally "Public and Private Movable Venues Business to Business" business case.
26.12 Promoted internally Rapid LIDAR Indoor Site content capture using Autonomous UAV Technology,
26.13 Promoted internally Indoor Analytics Tools and Service Development business case.
26.14 Promoted internally Mega-City Modelling and last mile guidance including actual altitude dimension in 3D mesh models, plus 3D objects and routing solutions for outdoor-tunnel, building-walkway-building outdoor, and 3D extensions developed for HERE One Platform.
26.15 Setup HERE Berlin Demo Centre with operational Smart Office integrated and partnered indoor positioning solution.
26.16 Initiated internally the concept of Private Venues including business analysis and pricing model, and the concept was adopted by IoT business group.
26.17 Active Core Map “Map Creator” for Germany and Finland and Alpha & Beta Tester for HERE IOS App and Android Applications.
26.18 Achieved Inventor Status with Patent Pending for Single Gesture control of 3D Venue.
26.19 Promoted internal and external awareness of Venues linkage between Automotive and Last Mile Guidance.
26.20 Established indoor positioning design and hardware setup in HERE Berlin Carpark including radio mapping and practical live presentations to Automotive Customers.
26.21 Setup indoor positioning in West Centre Park Ingolstadt Germany with Wi-Fi radio mapping and practical live demos for Automotive Customers.
26.22 Raised Private Venues Awareness with Senior Automotive & Enterprise Sales leaders and shared Private Venues business case value analysis solution.
26.23 Managed Connected Mobility Lab Automotive Program and delivered successful outcome by enabling multi-Customer solution with indoor digital maps and routing graphs for Client’s application integrations with multi-modal indoor-outdoor guidance online/offline capability.
26.24 Ensured last mile guidance programs and projects achieved their targets, kept their schedule and estimated cost within planned scope.
26.25 Ensured Customer and End User satisfaction was met within the agreed level of quality.
26.26 Initiated Private Venues B2B concept and marketed presentations to a wide range of industry Customers.
26.27 Created and presented Venue Maps Public and Internal Marketing material and indoor positioning solutions.
26.28 Researched Automated Indoor Data capture projects and presented outcomes to business groups.
26.29 Initiated concept to improve the distribution efficiency of venue models by significantly reducing the file size.
26.30 Initiated concept for navigation group to enable Reverse Geocoding for Venue points of interest.
26.31 Presented High Accuracy Indoor Positioning to a wide range of industry Customers.
26.32 Presented Sales and Marketing material including Venues 3D internally and externally.
26.33 Presented Venues 3D at EMEA industry events.
26.34 Assisted in the on-boarding of new employees with extensive online information.
26.35 Presented quarterly Public Venues B2B prospects to APAC and EMEA Sales and Business Development, and Public Venues B2B "Persons with Disabilities" prospects to EMEA Sales and Business Development groups.
26.36 Presented to North America Customers and Internal Sales teams US-FCC e911 requirements.
26.37 Presented Value Added Reseller Setup proposal with significant Network Centric Positioning companies, to North America Sales and Business Development.
26.38 Presented Venues Retail research training to EMEA Sales teams.
26.39 Developed and presented Health Industry Use Cases for Last Mile Guidance to global Sales teams.
26.40 Presented to Sales and Business Development groups, Venues Global Sales Kit training material.
26.41 Presented Enterprise Pricing Venue Maps business models to global Sales and Business Development groups.
26.42 Created last mile guidance marketing material for Sales and Business Development groups.
26.43 Presented Venue Maps Point of Interest Editor, indoor positioning solution and Indoor Radio Mapper tools to global Sales and Business Development groups.
26.44 Acquired wide access to HERE Research sites for last mile guidance competitor intelligence.
26.45 Presented Consumer Packaged Goods concept for Venues Advertising to Sales and Business Development groups.
26.46 Presented Retail analytics as a new Service opportunity to global Sales and Business Development groups.
26.47 Presented Bluetooth Organisation’s indoor positioning solution 1.0 Bluetooth Indoor Positioning Service (indoor positioning solution) Products to HERE technology groups.
26.48 Presented to global Sales and Business Development groups on Venue Maps Indoor Retail opportunities.
26.49 Initiated EMEA Sales and Business Development Group’s Hackathon planning.
26.50 Program Management of Nokia Locate 3D last mile guidance service solution.
26.51 Facilitated technical Workshops with internal IT on CISCO MSE Architecture.
26.52 Presented to CFO and succeeded in securing finance for project resources for Nokia Locate 3D.
26.53 Program managed High Accuracy Indoor Positioning project for Nokia Corporation / HERE Technologies and originally indentified and presented Internally the technical and business potential of the Broadcom BCM47755 chipset for High Accuracy Positioning for Automotive Industry and Personal Device Use Cases.
26.54 Successfully demonstrated High Accuracy Indoor Positioning in Nokia House to Internal, and External Customers and Partner Organisations such as the In-Location Alliance.
26.55 Presented at HERE Directions Events indoor digital cartography and the operational capabilities of Nokia Locate3D and Web Service.
26.56 Setup Bluetooth indoor positioning demonstration in Nokia House Customer Area and facilitated global Customer Workshops.
26.57 Initiated concept to use Facebook’s business Customers to update shop data in a content editor provided by HERE.

Good Character

Federal Office of Justice / Criminal Record (Bundesamt fur Justiz / Fuhrungszeugnis)
Ref: 241249741/284281140/18122019063157000/NB/DTV/-/-
Dated: 18 December 2019
Result: "No record"

Work Certificate-(DE)
Date of Separation: 31 March 2019
Date of Entry: 03 June 2004 (recalculated June 2011 Nokia re-entry)