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2020-present OTSO
2013-2020 Germany
1997-2013 Finland
1990-1997 ADF.Navy
1978-1990 ADF.Army

Royal Military College of Australia

Skills and Qualifications

1. Degrees / Diploma / Graduate

03.2019-11.2019 - EMERITUS Institute of Management / MIT Management Executive Education / Columbia Business School
Subjects included per Module:
Module 1: Digital Strategies for Business: Leading the Next-Generation Enterprise
01. The Five Domains of Digital Transformation - A Holistic Framework
02. From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks and New Path to Purchase
03. Five Core Behaviors of Customers in the Digital World
04. Platform overview
05. Coopetition, Dis/intermediation, and Asymmetric Competitors
06. Building Data as a Strategic Asset for Your Business
07. Big Data at Work: New Data, New Tools, and Templates of Value
08. Innovation Through Experimentation: AB Test and Minimum Viable Products
09. Translating the Lean Startup to Enterprise Scale Innovation
10. Adapting Your Value Proposition
11. Mastering Disruptive Business Models
12. Surviving Disruption: Six Incumbent Responses to a Disruptive Challenger
13. Leadership and the Customer Value Imperative

Module 2: Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success
01. Platform Definitions and Overview
02. Platform Foundations
03. Design and Monetization
04. Platform Launch and Growth
05. Open Innovation
06. Strategy and Competition
07. Platform Governance

Module 3: Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics
01. The Five-Step Process of Planning and Executing Your Digital Marketing Strategy
02. Digital Marketing Overview + Access Strategy
03. Engage Strategy
04. Customize Strategy
05. Connect Strategy
06. Collaborate Strategy
07. Digital Advertising Mix - Key Channels and Principles
08. Best Practices from Brands on Social Networks
09. Lessons From Brand Failures in Social Media
10. Making Digital Matter - Metrics, ROI, and Agile Modelling
11. Organizational Challenges of Digital Marketing
12. Six Faces of the Near Future of Marketing

Module 4: Capstone Project
01. Apply Digital Strategies to a Business Challenge/Idea

01-1995-10.1997 - UNSW Faculty of Commerce, Kensington, NSW
Subjects included:
01. Statistics for Business
02. Business Information Systems
03. Data Management
04. Information Systems Project Management
05. Information Systems Design
06. Information and Decision Technology
07. Decision Support Systems
08. Knowledge Based Information Systems
09. Business Data Communications
10. Strategic Management: Systems and Processes
11. Information Systems Security

01.1978-12.1982 - UNSW Faculty of Military Studies, Royal Military College of Australia at Duntroon, ACT
Subjects included:
01. Chemistry
02. Physics I
03. Engineering I
04. Mathematics IA
05. Mathematics IB
06. Geography A
07. Mechanical Engineering I
08. Electrical Technology
09. Engineering II
10. Mathematics IIA
11. Computer Science IIC
12. Geography B
13. Mechanical Engineering II
14. Mathematics IIIB
15. Economics A
16. Military Studies Schedule 'M' - 1981
17. Mechanical Engineering III
18. Project & Thesis
19. Management Science
20. English B
21. Practical Experience (B&W Group, NSW)

01.1978-12.1982 - Graduate #2888 Royal Military College of Australia at Duntroon, ACT
Leadership Training
The Royal Military College at Duntroon prepares selected candidates for careers in the Army by promoting leadership and integrity, by inspiring high ideals and the pursuit of excellence, and by inculcating a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation.

2. Information Technology Courses / Certificates

2020 AWS Training and Certification Certificate
Topics included:
01. Accelerate Modern Applications: Trends in modern applications and insights to drive change and speed up innovation.
02. Empowering Builders | New Architecture Patterns: Transitioning from monolithic towards new architecture patterns via concepts retain, retire, relocate, re-host, repurchase, re-platform, and refactor.
03. Empowering Builders | Modern Applications Development: Design, build, and deploy modern applications.
04. Digital Innovation to Rapid Prototyping: Rapid application prototyping.

2020 AWS Training and Certification Certificate
Topics included:
01. Cloud security fundamentals
02. How to deploy your first web application
03. From Idea to Minimum Viable Product
04. Getting started with DevOps on AWS
05. Give unlimited scale storage to your application with Amazon S3 and File Gateway
06. Fit for purpose operating systems
07. Remote work and learning solutions on AWS
08. Build and deliver personalized customer engagement experience
09. Nine ways to optimize your costs in the cloud
10. Startups: How to begin your cloud journey with AWS
11. Tools for building your Minimum Viable Product on AWS

2020 AWS Training and Certification Certificate
Topics included:
01. Cloud security fundamentals that you can apply to anything you build on AWS
02. Practical tips that will help every builder to reduce and save costs on AWS
03. Securing and accelerating your mobile application development process
04. Using Amazon Pinpoint to personalize customer engagement experience
05. Introduction to DevOps and how you can build a CI/CD pipeline to release faster and more reliable features to end users

2020 - EMERITUS Institute of Management / Data Camp
Course included:
Module 1: Introduction to Python
Module 2: Intermediate Python for Data Science
Module 3: Python Data Science Toolbox
Module 4: Pandas Foundations
Module 5: Manipulating Dataframes with Pandas
Module 6: Introduction to Data Visualization With Python
Module 7: Cleaning Data in Python
Module 8: Statistical Thinking in Python

2019 Berlin, Instructor Dr.Jeff Sutherland (SCRUM founder)
Course included:
01. How to facilitate cross team collaboration and release planning with tens, hundreds or thousands of people
02. How to create and prioritize a transformation Backlog to overcome impediments to scaling
03. How to measure and improve key Scrum metrics at an Enterprise level
04. How to deliver 5 times as much work without adding new teams
05. Finally the Scrum@Scale course teaches the responsibilities of the Product Owner, individual Scrum teams, and enterprise leadership in a variety of large-scale contexts.

2019 Helsinki University of Technology Course Certificate
Course included:
01. Identify autonomy and adaptivity as key concepts of AI
02. Distinguish between realistic and unrealistic AI (science fiction vs. real life)
03. Express the basic philosophical problems related to AI including the implications of the Turing test and Chinese room thought experiment
04. Formulate a real-world problem as a search problem
05. Formulate a simple game (such as tic-tac-toe) as a game tree
06. Use the minimax principle to find optimal moves in a limited-size game tree
07. Express probabilities in terms of natural frequencies
08. Apply the Bayes rule to infer risks in simple scenarios
09. Explain the base-rate fallacy and avoid it by applying Bayesian reasoning
10. Explain why machine learning techniques are used
11. Distinguish between unsupervised and supervised machine learning scenarios
12. Explain the principles of three supervised classification methods: the nearest neighbor method, linear regression, and logistic regression
13. Explain what a neural network is and where they are being successfully used
14. Understand the technical methods that underpin neural networks
15. Understand the difficulty in predicting the future and be able to better evaluate the claims made about AI
16. Identify some of the major societal implications of AI including algorithmic bias, AI-generated content, privacy, and work

2019 Stukent, Inc. Certificate
Course included:
01. Keyword Research
02. Data Analysis
03. Writing Content
04. Running A/B Ad Tests
05. Creating Landing Page Wireframes
06. Doing Basic On-Site Search Engine Optimization
07. Creating and Launching Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

2005 Helsinki School of Economics Executive Education, Certificate
Course included:
01. Business Innovation Cycle
02. IT Governance Program

1997 - Awarded by EDUCOM Australia, Sydney.

1997 - Awarded by EDUCOM Australia, Sydney.

1995 - UNSW Faculty of Commerce, Kensington, NSW

1994 - Awarded by EDUCOM Australia, Sydney.
1994 - Awarded by Integrated Business Center, Sydney.

1994 - Awarded by EDUCOM Australia, Sydney.

University Central Queensland, programming courses(2) subset of Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing

3. Other Courses / Certificates

2021 - Australian Government Department of Health, Certificate 20210420-4346286-2673940, Sydney

2021 - Australian Employment Training Solutions, BSBWOR204, Sydney

2014 - Avrami Business Communications, Berlin

1999 - Helsinki University, Helsinki

1994 - Australian Quality Council, Sydney

1994 - Department of Defence training center, Sydney

1994 - Department of Defence training center, Sydney

1994 - Defence Training Centre, Sydney

1992 - Awarded whilst serving aboard HMAS BRISBANE, Destroyer Designated Guided 41.

1991 - Awarded whilst serving aboard HMAS JERVIS BAY, Sydney.

1990 - On completion of the Marine Engineering Applications Course HMAS CERBERUS, I was awarded the Institute of Marine Engineers Bi-Centennial Silver Medal for "outstanding performance during training as a Marine Engineering Officer in the ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY".

1990 - HMAS CERBERUS, awarded Marine Engineering Applications Course Certificate No.61.

1990 - HMAS PENGUIN, Sydney.
NBCD: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence

1989 - Sydney Technical College, Ultimo, NSW
Course included:
01. Technical Communications I
02. Technical Communications II
03. Mathematics I
04. Mathematics II
05. Tutorial Mathematics
06. Naval Architecture I
07. Introductory Mechanics
08. Mechanics and Strength of Materials I
09. Mechanics and Strength of Materials II
10. Ship Construction I
11. Ship Drawing I
12. Ship Construction and Drawing II
13. Engineering Drawing I

1988 - Curtin University of Technology, Centre for Marine Science & Technology, Bentley, WA
Course included:
01. Hull form parameters, quadrature
02. Small angle transverse stability
03. Large angle stability
04. Frictional resistance, dimensional analysis
05. Wavemaking and trim resistance
06. Towing tanks: analysis and application of tank data
07. Theory of aero / hydrofoils
08. Foils in a marine environment
09. Balance of control surfaces, high speed foils
10. Ocean waves: statistical description, encounter frequency, energy spectra
11. Motion of boats in calm water
12. Motion of boats in waves

4. Commissions and Service Certificates

1997 - Awarded by Director General Career Management Navy
Date of Separation: 13 June 1997
Date of Entry: 15 January 1990

1991 - Whilst serving aboard HMAS BRISBANE, Destroyer Designated Guided 41, I received my Commission to be an Officer of the Royal Australian Navy by His Excellency The Governor General of Australia, The Honourable William Hayden dated 30 May 1991.

1990 - Awarded by Assistant Chief of General Staff - Personnel
Date of Separation: 14 January 1990
Date of Entry: 19 January 1978

1981 - At the Royal Military College of Australia at Duntroon, I received my Commission to be an Officer of the Australian Army by His Excellency The Governor General of Australia, the Right Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen dated 8 December 1981.